Designer Pick Up Lines Postcards

The RISD Graphic Design Department wanted to hold an exhibition to inform outsiders about what graphic design is. This project challenged me to be specific about what I wanted to express, why, and how my visual design would embody that message to provoke thought and inspiration.

I began brainstorming ideas and forms of graphic design. I found myself gravitating toward the idea of the graphic design as being an intimate and sensitive relationship, requiring communication and balance between designers and users or clients.

These keywords reminded me of romantic relationships and gave me the idea to create a set of postcards. I thought that postcards would represent the intimacy in communication by engaging individuals through writing.

I wanted to express the playfulness of dialogue and provide information, just as graphic design does. This resulted in a series of cheeky graphic design pickup lines for individuals to send to their special-someones or crushes.

While the pick up lines represent the voice of the designer, I didn’t want the postcards to be limited only for designers to use. Thus, each design provided a defintion on the bottom of the postcard about the design reference in the pickup line. Smirky eyes were designed on the back of the cards and left with open space for users to illustrate on it if they wanted to.