Flavor of the Millennium

Bringing awareness to fossil fuel pollution.

Flavor of the Millennium, 18" x 24"
Conté crayons, pastel, newsprint

Initial Sketches

Sculpture for reference

I sculpted the ice cream and the cone with clay, which was supported by a wooden dowel. To create the illusion of melting ice cream, I let hot glue drip down onto the clay and let it dry. The hand was first created with thick wires, which I bent to my liking. I then hot glued tiny cars, which I made out of clay and tiny black beads to replicate tires. Once everything was dry, I painted the sculpture with acrylic paint. The additional car on the side of my assemblage is a toy car supported by a wire which I used to reference the lighting for my cars. I bent the wire when I was drawing to capture the highlights based on the position of the car I was focusing on.