Ashley Min 

has a thing for creating visual stuff. She is currently a junior studying Graphic Design at the Rhode Island School of Design. Visit this page often because she is always changing her bio.

Flavor of the Millennium

Bringing awareness to fossil fuel pollution.

Flavor of the Millennium, 18" x 24"
Conté crayons, pastel, newsprint

Initial Sketches

Sculpture for reference

I sculpted the ice cream and the cone with clay, which was supported by a wooden dowel. To create the illusion of melting ice cream, I let hot glue drip down onto the clay and let it dry. The hand was first created with thick wires, which I bent to my liking. I then hot glued tiny cars, which I made out of clay and tiny black beads to replicate tires. Once everything was dry, I painted the sculpture with acrylic paint. The additional car on the side of my assemblage is a toy car supported by a wire which I used to reference the lighting for my cars. I bent the wire when I was drawing to capture the highlights based on the position of the car I was focusing on.