Real Women

Completed for RISD’s Hometest on Interior Space.
This drawing is meant to represent the way women are portrayed in society and how some women today are changing that image. The breaking of the wall from the wrecking ball shaped as a female gender sign, reveals a mirror, reflecting myself, or an image of what real females are like, underneath all the identities and labels women are given.

Real Women, 18" x 24"

I shaped planter's foam into the female gender sign for the wrecking ball. I inserted a chain into the foam that was supported by the outer box. The wrecking ball is swinging into a brick wall that I created from foam core, which I sanded down to look like brick. The extra bricks surrounding Barbie and the ones falling off the brick wall were cut individually and then hot glued onto the spots and positions that I wanted. Using acrylic paint, I painted all the different materials in my assemblage. The Barbie doll was also hot glued so that its arms and legs would stay in a certain position. Additionally, I printed out a miniature copy of a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover that I made using photoshop.