Truist Wealth

Client: Truist
Agency: Interbrand
3D Art: Rik Oostenbroek
Services: Brand Identity,
Brand Expression, Motion Design


A new visual expression inspired by how luxury brands use art. Partnering with Rik Oostenbroek, a unique imagery was created for Truist Wealth. The organic and emotive art reflects the balance of touch, tech, and clarity of Truist.

Truist Park

Client: Truist
Agency: Interbrand
Services: Logo, Signage

Creating a new brand identity for the home of Major League Baseball team, Atlanta Braves, previously SunTrust Park.

Little Puffy

Services: Brand Identity, Illustration, Art Direction

Graphic Design: Ashley Min
Apparel Design: Charlotte Yi
Illustration: Ashley Min, Tania Tran
Photography: James T Bee


Rebranding Little Puffy, a family-run merchandise line, created by YouTuber, Michelle Choi.

Little Puffy was a small project started by Michelle to help support her parents. Over time, Michelle had a clearer vision for what she wanted Little Puffy to be. Little Puffy was rebranded to reflect Michelle’s current style while still paying tribute to the original elements of the brand. A new logo and smiley face were created along with illustrations of plants and furniture to reflect key elements in her “Living Alone Diaries” videos.

Hanok x Jeong

Services: Brand Identity, Signage, Photography

Design: Ashley Min, Janis Ahn
Photography: Ashley Min


Hanok and Jeong were both invited to be a part of Maum Market, a one-day event featuring 22 Korean-American makers. Rather than competing, the two coffee brands chose to collaborate and celebrate their Korean roots. Together, they designed, curated, and worked together to serve as one team.

Truist Iconography & Infographics

Agency: Interbrand
Services: Iconography, Infographics

Developing Truist’s iconography and infographic style.